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Lock & Dam 14, near Le Claire, IA
Bald Eagle-5884Bald Eagle-5865Bald Eagle-7426Bald Eagle-7432Bald Eagle-7437Bald Eagle-7446Bald Eagle-7458Bald Eagle-5885Bald Eagle-7489Bald Eagle-5899Bald Eagle-7496Bald Eagle-7501Bald Eagle-5934Bald Eagle-5940Bald Eagle-5960Bald Eagle-5967Bald Eagle-5976Bald Eagle-5988Bald Eagle-5990Bald Eagle-5992

Guestbook for Bald Eagles on the Mississippi River
Jan Z.(non-registered)
These pictures are spectacular. The photos of the birds in flight are fascinating to view.
I love seeing the patterns in their wing feathers.
The males look like they're wearing trousers! Doesn't look like they have much snow in Iowa right now.
But I bet it's cold.
Thanks for sharing.
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