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The tule elk is a subspecies found only in California. Its name comes from the tule on which it feeds, which grows in the marshlands. It's the smallest subspecies of all American elks, with the average weight of adult males only 450 to 550 lb (200 to 250 kg). When the Europeans first arrived, an estimated 500,000 tule elk roamed these regions, but by 1895, habitat loss & poaching reduced the elk population to only 28. Conservation measures were taken to protect the species in the 1970s; today, the wild population exceeds 4,000.

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jan Z.(non-registered)
What Renee said!
Enjoyed seeing them.
Renee Scott(non-registered)
Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing. Was the one buck actually making noise or just breathing through his mouth? What do they sound like? Makes me jealous. Glad you stopped "to smell the roses."
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