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and Recognition of 50th Anniversary of the 1962 WS Giants
Willie Mays statue with game socks onPeter Magowan with Radnich on KNBRBrandon Belt taking infeldNate Schierholtz at batting cageCrawfordcap & pins of elderly fanLou Seal posingJon MillerWilson, VogelsongWilson & BumgarnerVogelsong, Romo, LincecumZito, Romo, Lincecum, MotaVogelsong, Romo, Lincecum, Mota & ZitoCabrera, Romo & LincecumPosey & PabloSchierholtz, Huff, and PoseyceremonyFlag unfurled on the fieldOpening Day national anthemjets approach PacBell